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shaping the future


Private equity investments with focus on IT and financial service industries, which are amongst the fastest growing industries in the global market. We analyze new market trends and adjust our strategy to global changes, hedging currency and country risks, as well as capturing growth and innovations. Our belief is that regardless of market trends and economic conditions there are industries and companies with potential for investments offering rate of return exceeding market average.

Our approach is to maximize growth by performing rigorous screening and evaluation, structuring and management. We select our investments to achieve cumulative effect by creating end-to-end services and products.

Our investment strategy is designed as a balanced approach comprising stable cash flow generating investments in real estate and financial instruments, investments in traditional business in financial sector (banking and investments), consulting and IT business, as well as  investments with high upside potential in hi-tech IT companies and fintech allowing to capture current trends in development of IT and financial industries.

Our investments

- Financial institutions

Investments in credit institutions, investment companies, brokers and fintech companies with innovative products, services and flexibility to adopt to changing financial market environment.

-   IT business

Software and high-tech companies with potential for rapid expansion: software vendors, processing companies, datacenters and cloud solutions, new mobile gaming platforms and software solutions for enterprises.

- Real estate

Long term investments in technological parks offering full range of services for business development. Investments in office and residential property.

- Objects of art

Long-term investments in art collections including paintings, wooden and bronze objects of art.

- Financial markets

Shares of banks and retail companies, as well as structural notes and other financial instruments allowing to capture market trends and hedge risks.

- Speculative

Speculative investments in underpriced assets and factoring business, allowing to capture short term capital gain.


Mikhail belongs to a new generation of private investors. During his long path as a professional advisor and manager of capital-intensive projects in Europe (Demyan Group, Tri Granit, Granit Bank, Orglot Hungary, Norvik Bank Latvia), Canada and Ukraine (National TV Channel Novy), Russia (Uralsib bank, Gazprom, Transneft, Alrosa, Federal Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, Federal Ministry of Finance, consumer lending company under brands Bistrodengy, Srochnodengy) as well as being involved into the World Bank project CMD-068, Mikhail developed his own view on strategic investments.


1 C, G. Astras Str., office 23 Riga LV-1084, Latvia.

Phone: +371 25663424

E-mail: info-direct@rodchenkov-investments.eu